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Video clip production

Use the emotional power of moving images and benefit from an unbeatable offer. Order a professional video that puts your company in the limelight, introduces your latest product or advertises your next event.

Who doesn't love them - emotional pictures that move us, enrapture us, make us feel sympathy  or just make us laugh. The numbers speak for themselves. One billion YouTube videos are watched worldwide every day. tendency further increasing.

The desire for the moving picture is unbroken.   


The clever kick for your self-marketing
Good advertising clips, which can also be provocative and cheeky at times, are quickly shared among friends and you, as an entrepreneur, benefit from a growing reach of your advertising measure.


Thanks to social media (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram & Co.), you can also draw attention to yourself as a small or medium-sized company in a cost-effective and innovative way with an individualized advertising clip. A good advertising clip is also an attractive form of presentation on your own website. Take this chance! 

Order your individualized advertising clip


Starter set: 
"Fast & uncomplicated" for EUR 149.00

You don't have time to develop your own storyboard, but would still like to use a promotional clip for your marketing. I have something for you. Use the convenient starter clip. We have pre-developed various clips for different industries, in which your logo and your Internet address can be integrated. 

Here you benefit from a convenient ready-made package and have the opportunity to expand your social media marketing at a damn good price.


Your advantage:
You will receive your clip promptly and can start your social media marketing quickly! 

Professional package: 
"Individual & Passionate" for EUR 249.00

Those who value individuality will receive an individually compiled video with a run length of up to 60 seconds. You provide the screenplay (storyline) and I will include your lines of text, your logo in suitable film material and provide the clip with the appropriate music. In addition, the colors used are also adapted to your company color.


Your advantage:

You will receive an individualized clip with a long-term effect! 


Premium Package: 
"Furious & Breathtaking" for EUR 399.00

You will receive a tailor-made video with a running length of a whopping 90 seconds. I will also support you in the conception (screenplay) of the clip. All scenes are put together individually for you. In addition to your text lines, logo and image material, film material* provided by you can be integrated. The adaptation to your company colors goes without saying.


Your advantage:

You have a unique clip with increased recognition value.


In all packages you receive the finished clip as an mp4 file and can upload it to your website, Facebook, Youtube or Twitter. 

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price overview

  • starter set
    Fast & uncomplicated
    You will receive a pre-designed starter clip with your logo and your internet address or contact address incorporated. 
    The color scheme is also adapted to your corporate design.
    EUR 149.00

  • Professional
    Individual & passionate

    You will receive an individual video with a running length of up to 60 seconds, which combines scenes tailored to your script with your text lines and your logo
    and backed with music.
    The colors used are adapted to your corporate colors.

    EUR 249.00

  • Premium
    Furious & breathtaking
    I support you in the conception of the storyline (screenplay). You will receive an individual video with a running length of up to 90 seconds, which combines suitably compiled scenes with your text lines and your logo and is backed with suitable music. 
    In addition, you can integrate pre-made film sequences*.
    The colors used are adapted to your corporate colors

    EUR 399.00

* Individual cuts up to 30 seconds long. 

It is currently not possible to integrate a narrative voice ("Voice Over") or additional sound track.


License Terms

Sample customer clip

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