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Take a seat on the virtual couch

Emigration to Hungary - the transfer of knowledge

You felt "a whole bag" of questions.

But you would like to ask these questions in a personal conversation. "Technology" helps us there: we are connected to a computer/laptop with internet access, a webcam, microphone and speakers via a small piece of software (zoom). And through this webinar or internet conference we can see and hear each other as if we were together in a happy group in the corner of your sofa with you or with us.

What do you have to do now?

Contact us with a desired date for a joint meeting via computer. You will receive an appointment confirmation and a link to our virtual "living room".

How much does it cost?
We charge EUR 20 per hour for the time required.
Please understand that billing is per half hour.


"I came across Emily and Andreas through an article in the Budapest newspaper. This article was about both of them emigrating to Hungary. The article touched and appealed to me very much. I contacted Andreas because we were looking for a house in Hungary ". We, my husband and I met Andreas briefly on the virtual sofa. It was a new experience for us and very nice. We felt as if we knew Emily and Andreas. That's not often in life. We were close to buying a house in their place of residence. The two of them sent us photos of the house. We then drove to Hungary at short notice to have a look at the house before we bought it. In the photos, an outside wall was wet. Thanks to the photos of the two and our inspection we refrained from buying it. On this day we visited Emily and Andreas briefly and were also able to get to know their mother. They are very nice and warm people that you rarely find. If there are problems w we would contact you at any time. Andreas is extremely knowledgeable about many things. We have now also bought a little house in order to be able to spend some time a year in our Hungary. (Christiane and Arno)

A lot of questions automatically arise when you want to emigrate to Hungary and you always helped us quickly with good tips and suggestions. There is still a lot of administrative work to be done, but we are confident that we will be able to do it. We look forward to a personal meeting. It is reassuring to know that you can share your experiences and there will always be a solution. A big thank you in advance for your help, Emily and Andreas.  (Rita & Bernd)

"Today we went to the tax consultant you recommended. I would like to thank you again for the great tip. I feel like I'm in good hands there!" (Tanya)

“Thank you both again for the great conversation and the many helpful answers. You have helped us a lot. We'll be sure to get back to you in due course. (Andrea & Patrick)”

"I am very pleased to have met Andreas. He answered my e-mail inquiries quickly and very helpfully and gave me a lot of information and suggestions in his virtual coach appointment. It is a good feeling that I can continue to contact turn him around. Thank you." (Brigitte)

"I thought it was great that the exchange took place very spontaneously. Emily and Andreas were able to tell a lot. I find it very helpful to have someone by my side who has been in Hungary for two years. Some things surprised me, some I had to I'll have to think about it first and see how and if I can manage it. That's why the virtual couch at the Paersch's is so wonderful. After all, emigrating to Hungary would be a huge step for me and needs to be well thought out. So once again, thank you both of you! (Susanne )

"I didn't get to know the Paersch couple with my wife on the virtual couch, but rather "live" in a café in Marcali/Hungary. We talked about the planned website for my craftsman's business. The wealth of ideas of the two, the " shirt-sleeved" clear approach to the task as well as the understandable and transparent procedure I was very enthusiastic about. The website that was also planned there has now been realized by the Paersch's and is live. I am happy to continue to be in contact with the two of them, who are also with me helped with a lot of questions about setting up my company in Hungary." (Michael)



Due to the consideration of founding a company in Hungary, we contacted Mr. Paersch. A one-hour telephone consultation with answers to all previous and future questions followed. We are more than satisfied with the service and are still in contact with Mr. Paersch. Highly recommended (Ines)



I was a guest at an online get-together for the self-employed in Hungary, which Andreas moderated. Afterwards I still had "a bag full of questions" which I would like to resolve in a one-on-one discussion. At that time I was still in the planning phase of moving to Hungary with my family as a self-employed person. So I gladly took advantage of his offer of the "virtual couch" - and not just once. Andreas calmly answered my questions in detail and provided me with numerous tips and contacts. I am very pleased that the Paersch family is still connected to us after the business and supports us in our upcoming move. (Jorg)

In conversation with Andreas he was able to help me with many questions. He talks about his experiences in a friendly and factual manner and helps people who are new to Hungary to take their first steps." (Christoph)

In a 30-minute phone call, Mr. Paersch answered my questions about moving to Hungary very competently and in detail. Mr. Paersch also gives me phone numbers for companies that can help me move. I feel very well advised and will contact Mr. Paersch in the future if I have further questions.  (p.)

Thank you very much for your open willingness to help and offer to help us here in Hungary, as well as your invitation to the meetings and regulars' tables. We are currently in the process of moving to our new home in Hungary and it is good to know that we are not alone and that we can contact you at any time if we have any questions. (Susanne)

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