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Thank you for your message!

Caller from Germany:

  • Landline: +49 571 730 755 38
    If you call us on this German telephone number, you only incur the costs of a German long-distance call.

  • Mobile: +49 151 708 62 770
    Since June 15, 2017 there are no more roaming charges within the EU (e.g. Hungary).


Caller from Hungary:​

  • Mobile: +36 30 26 86 538

  • Landline: +36 85 413 862


Email:  kontakt |at|

Address :​

Kossuth Lajos utca 58
HU-8698 Somogyvar

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We absolutely need your data entry for the form fields marked with an (*). We have defined the surname query as a mandatory field so that we can at least address you with our answer.

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