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Service provider for moving to Hungary

Hajnalka Kincses, moving professional, coordinator, supporter

Have you bought your house in Hungary and are now preparing your “belongings” in Germany or Switzerland for moving to Hungary? And do you need a lot of space in the loading area so that all of your favorite items can come with you to your new home?


We were very lucky to have Hajnalka Kincses and her colleagues from the Hungarian moving companyElefanther Kft. had found. Our things were stored in Mainz am Rhein in 2020 and were brought precisely and professionally to our house in Somogyvár. Hajnalka was always available to us, from the offer to our questions - the team "on site" were great and handled our pieces with care. 


We have now often recommended the company to German-speaking emigrants and have always received positive feedback.

If you are looking for a competent moving company, contact Hajnalka Kincses. She speaks perfect German and will coordinate your request for the move with her colleagues at Elefanther.

Hajnalka Kincses

Hajnalka Kincses,
Elephant ether coordinator

Elephant moving company:


  • Headquarters in Budapest

  • Utrains throughout the EU

  • Vehicle sizes:  3.5T (15m3), 7.5T (40m3), 12T (50m3), 18T (60m3), 40T (90m3)

  • It is also possible to book multiple vehicles

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Checklist for your moving request:


  • The exact address of both loading points 

  • Preferably a precise furniture list

  • Cardboard boxes (number of boxes packed or an estimate of how many there will be)

  • Information about very heavy parts e.g. piano, safe, workbench, over 120kg/piece

  • Information about special features such as a very narrow stairwell or loading work exclusively through a terrace on the upper floor - furniture lift may be required

  • Info if the ordered truck cannot drive directly to the loading point/house due to any difficulties (road conditions, width, etc.).

If a furniture list cannot be created, please provide information about the size of the apartment and the size of other rooms such as the basement/garage (e.g. 80m2 apartment, 20m2 garage). How big is the household (2 people, - 3 people, etc)? Is there a lot of furniture or just general/average furniture?


You are now looking for support with your task

Please send your email to:

(*) Data protection notice:

The offers described are carried out and billed directly by der Dienstleistungspartnerin Erzsebet Balzas. If you want to order such an offer via e-mail request, you agree that I may forward your request including the personal data to Erzsebet Balzas. The legal basis for the processing of personal data when forwarding from my website to my service partners is based on GDPR Art. 6 Paragraph 1 S. 1 lit.

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