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"Mailjet" newsletter

as a customer loyalty tool

Advanced course for setting up the newsletter

Seize the moment when a visitor looks around your website for the first time! Don't let him go now, make him an "irresistible offer". In the form of a newsletter, through which he regularly receives valuable added value information from you. This is how they receive his e-mail address and can keep in touch with him. Integrate the   Newsletter   into your customer communication in order to build up lasting customer relationships and to successfully design your marketing measures.  

To give you the best possible help, we have prepared a three-stage online course for you: 


Stage 1 of the online course: the preparation

We will set up a free mailjet account for you and carry out the following work for you:

  • Basic setup of the account

  • Creation of a sample address list

  • Prepare a sample widget (this is the snippet of HTML code that you then need to include on the login page of your website to display the login form there)

  • Prepare a sample template

  • Prepare a sample campaign

Stage 2 of the online course: the training

We meet in our "virtual meeting room" (ZOOM) and train you according to the following schedule:

  • Structure of the basic setup of the account

  • Management of the address list

  • Customization of the widget (this is the HTML code snippet that you then have to embed on the login page of your website)

  • Customize a template

  • running a campaign

  • Information on the GDPR General Data Protection Regulation

Stage 3 of the online course: the follow-up

You will receive the following documents after the training

  • Recording of the training (on request - please coordinate with the speaker before the start)

  • PDF with central information on working with mailjet

  • Tips for creating an editorial plan, tips for writing articles, tips for layout design, tips for image searches.

mailjet newsletter

The focus of the online course is the " mailJet " solution. The company is based in France and therefore in an EU member state. The AV contract is made available on the website. The solution is ISO certified. 

Course date:

We are happy to adapt to your wishes. Please send us two alternative dates with your request.

course fee

EUR 185.--

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