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Computer help

Does your laptop or computer have a life of its own and you don't know why? Do you want to work more actively with your PC and are you looking for training? Do you want to use the advantages of Internet telephony for yourself and need support for this? Welcome to our computer help.

What we do for our customers (especially private customers)  u.a. already allowed to implement:


  • Updates from Microsoft Windows

  • Support for the iMac

  • Setting up Ubuntu (as an alternative operating system to Windows)

  • Support for (as an alternative to Microsoft Office)

  • Support for Microsoft Word, Outlook, Powerpoint and Excel

  • Training for (as an alternative to Photoshop)

  • Training in the use of programs and the computer

  • Scanning of documents (incl. text recognition for translations)

  • uHelp with moving the domain and setting up the e-mail account

  • Setup help for programs

  • Clean up / extinguishing help

  • Backup data from smartphone to an external hard drive

  • Basic and advanced courses  (bothOn-lineas well asFace-to-face course in Somogyvár 



  • Recommendations and setup support for antivirus solutions

  • VPN Virtual Private Network

  • Internet telephony

Virtual Secretariat / Virtual Assistance


  • Scanning of documents (including text recognition as a basis for translations)

  • Printing documents and mailing

  • Sending of evidence (mobile phone photo or scan) via e-mail to authorities and utility companies as well as help with queries

our range


  • timely help via telephone, email

  • Online courses as well as on-site training, 1:1 or in small groups

  • Regular tips via newsletter

  • Instructions in short films on Youtube channel  

Andreas Paersch

is your   contact for questions about computer help

"In 2003 I programmed the first website for customers myself - a lot of knowledge about computers has accumulated over the years. Many years of independence - there have always been new tasks that did not belong to the formerly intended core area of the company. Last but not least the experiences from changing our own location over the years, which have always made completely new demands on you."

Keyword arrival:
You live so far away from me
, Mr. Paersch"

Even long distances can be covered without having to travel with the help of modern "technology". So we can meet comfortably via screen sharing (webinar / internet conference): All you need is internet access for your laptop or computer and a headset (or speakers and microphone). And then we can talk about your questions about the computer and solve the problem.


What does it cost
the computer help?

Get to know each other and describe the problem

This first phase of computer help is always free of charge

Telephone support

The time required is charged at HUF 8,000.-- / hour. The smallest unit is half an hour, as it has been shown that many IT questions can be solved in this time window. Additional time required is calculated in 15-minute units.

On-site help
Let's talk on the phone and clarify whether the problem can be solved via screen splitting. If you want me to come to you, we have to check whether you live "around the corner" or whether a flat-rate fee is required due to the length of the journey.


You will receive an invoice from us after the support appointment, which you can pay via bank transfer or PayPal account.

The great thing for you:
Let's talk about your computer problem first!

You are currently being slowed down by a "technical" problem and can no longer make any progress on your own. Get in touch by phone or e-mail and describe exactly where "the shoe pinches". Then we will exchange ideas and I will show you a solution. And only when we connect via screen sharing (e.g. with ZOOM, JitsiMeet, Teamviewer, pcvisit,...) will I bill you for my working time.

So - I'm looking forward to hearing from you:


"Thanks for switching my laptop to Ubuntu. I'm excited about Linux Ubuntu. There are several reasons for that. One main one: I got the impression that the computer has become faster. Some functions run much more smoothly under the new operating system under the previous Windows 10 system. All old MS Office and Open Office files are 100% compatible. The installation of programs went absolutely smoothly. I would like to thank you for the impulse to change the operating system and the quick and competent implementation." (Klaus)

"Last week I had an online service appointment with Andreas using Teamviewer. At first there were a few problems with Teamviewer, but Andreas quickly overcame them. My original problem was then promptly solved. Conclusion: if you have problems with IT, I can recommend Andreas Highly recommend. He is problem oriented and effective. Doesn't do much blah blah." (Heinz)

"One definition of the term "service" is: ...we take care of you! This word rightly appears in your web address, and in the plural, perfect. Andreas took care of me with great professionalism when converting a laptop on Kubuntu (Linux). This convincing work meant that we immediately entrusted him with a second PC with the same task. I am absolutely satisfied and would be happy to recommend this service." Bernd 

I would like to thank you very much for the quick and professional help with my computer...I can only recommend Andreas Paersch.Brigitte 

If you have any questions about the computer, you can get help remotely via Skype, Teamviewer, Zoom and Co! And yet it is wonderful when you can personally invite “your” IT man to your own laptop. We are happy that we found Andreas, who even lives in the same place as us! Thanks for the good help!  Annette

Jimdo users also need a competent contact person. I'm really happy that Andreas has specialized in this. Super fast professional help and if a question is not in his area, he still helps to find a solution. I will be happy to come back to Paersch Services again and again. Annett 

“My Apple iMac suddenly stopped opening many of my usual Internet addresses. I needed help here with me - and found it through a small ad by Andreas Paersch in the Balaton newspaper. Andreas lives and works an hour away from me - an appointment was quickly made by phone. The problem was fixed with an update of the operating system. Further appointments have since been made, because Andreas supports me and my wife with all computer-related questions. And always with a high level of competence and a lot of calm when explaining. I would be happy to recommend Andreas."     Karl

My laptop kept getting slower and made it impossible to work. Andreas rolled it back to the latest Windows version and made everything stable again. When we got back home, we still had new requirements for our laptop. How nice that Andreas was able to come by promptly and successfully set up the scanner software, VPN tunnel and e-mail account. Thanks for the good support!  Andreas

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