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Descaling systems

Water softening systems | Osmosis systems | Dechlorination

A high limescale content in tap water is a well-known problem in many counties in Hungary - especially in western Hungary.


A central water softening system, which is connected to the main supply line, can provide a remedy.


The Hansmann company provides support around Lake Balaton with advice, installation and maintenance. Water dechlorination and osmosis systems are also part of the portfolio.

Michael Hansmann

Michael Hansmann
Plumbing and heating engineer


Water softening system

The heart of every water softening system is the ion exchange resin. This resin is filled with sodium ions (Na+). So if hard water (tap water) is passed over the resin, the calcium and magnesium ions (Ca2+ / Mg2+) present in the water are exchanged for the sodium ions (Na+) found on the resin. The result is soft water.

osmosis system.jpg

Osmosis system

The daily drinking water requirement is approximately 1.5 liters per person. If this amount has to be bought in plastic bottles, it is harmful to the environment and expensive. It is more sustainable and cheaper to drink tap water.


With the Naturewater table-top reverse osmosis system, fresh drinking water is always available.


Water dechlorination

SMART shower filter with metal housing

The SMART shower filter with chlorine-free metal housing is a filter housing + filter cartridge that is installed between the faucet and the shower hose.
The bioceramic filter filling effectively cleans the water from chlorine and its compounds dissolved in the water, and the antibacterial bioceramic balls in the filter reduce the possibility of bacterial growth.
There is no significant impact on water pressure. When unscrewed, the filter cartridge inside can be easily replaced if it becomes worn.

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