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Webinar / online course

Further improve the website

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Have you already internalized the WIX basic course and want to expand your knowledge?
Then this advanced course is perfect for you!

In the advanced course you will learn:

  • How do I change the font templates (font type, font color and font size) to my liking?

  • How do I change colors, shapes, backgrounds on my chosen template?

  • How do I set up a "hamburger menu" in my desktop view?

  • How do I set anchors on my website?

  • How do I set up my WIX site as a multilingual website?

  • How do I set up password-protected access?

  • How do I edit pictures in the WIX Photo Studio?

  • How do I copy a web page

Computer mit zwei Bildschirmen
Webdesignerin bei der Arbeit


How long does the course last?

90 minutes are planned.

When is the next course taking place?

We can set the date individually for you. Get in touch with two suggested dates - and maybe there will be one right away that suits you and will then be confirmed to you.

Can I get a recording of the training?

Willingly. Please let us know about this when you make your request.

Is there training material?

Yes, you will receive a PDF with the key information from the webinar including bonus material with tips for a strong marketing concept for your website.

course fee

EUR 95.--

Here you are on the right course.
Your trainer Emily Paersch

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