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Webinar / online course

SEO basics

for website optimization

Are you enthusiastic about your "homepage"? Do you want to be sure that Google sees it that way and likes to show your website "far ahead"? Learn how to work on the right "adjusting screws" for search engine optimization (SEO) in the online course and improve your chances. 

In the online course you will learn:

  • SEO strategy:
    What does the Google search engine expect from your website?

  • Headings, ALT tags, link building and more:
    Why should I maintain this as the operator of the website?

  • Page title and page description:
    What is the benefit for the visitor of your website?

  • Keywords:
    How do you want your website to be found?

  • Google Search Console:
    What support offers you
    the free tool?

  • Other Recommendations

Homeoffice mit Hund


How long does the course last?

90 minutes are planned.

When is the next course taking place?

We can set the date individually for you. Get in touch with two suggested dates - and maybe there will be one right away that suits you and will then be confirmed to you.

Can I get a recording of the training?

Willingly. Please let us know about this when you make your request.

course fee

EUR 95.--

Optimize your website's search results
Your sparring partner Andreas Paersch

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