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We would like to thank Emily & Andreas Paersch. We had certain ideas at the beginning, but thanks to Andreas and Emily and their great professional advice, our website turned out better than we could have ever imagined. Also the service they offered was very comprehensive and absolutely professional and great. We are completely satisfied. The price/performance ratio was also absolutely great. Can only be recommended and we will of course come back to you if necessary. Thanks so much!

Stephen Rebs

"... absolutely professional and great"

Thank you both for your great work! I'm really happy with my new website and will recommend you at any time (I'm already telling each of you anyway)! You are a great team and it is so wonderfully uncomplicated with you! I like this very much!!
Even if it took me a bit... we more than kept the appointment I set myself and you were always quick and to the point anyway. Just great. A very big & heartfelt THANK YOU to you.

Ricarda Vervoorst

"... and it's so wonderfully uncomplicated with you"


"... and by the way, they are also super likeable"

Source: Google Review

My website needed an urgent overhaul. I wanted to keep it on my JIMDO basis and not have another system, no matter how great, talked into it. Among the Jimdo experts, I came across Mrs. Paersch.


After I had "tapped off" a few experts, Ms. Paersch was left. Why? There was a super nice and competent preliminary talk without pseudo-intellectual chatter. Reasonable pricing was revealed. My gut feeling advised me to book Mrs. Paersch. I always listen to my gut.

Result: Fast and competent order processing and assistance in the places that are crucial for me. Small corrections are made on the fly, so to speak. That's how service works. I'll be back.

Ratko Delorko

"a super nice preliminary talk without pseudo-intellectual chatter"

"Emily Paersch immediately understood, felt and grasped what is important to me! 100% consistent implementation by an absolute professional. I can only say thank you. Very fast, smooth process."

Ulrike Egelseer

"100% consistent implementation"

"My customers want to find out more on my website before a personal meeting and also get to know my work as a craftsman in the blog. I am pleased to have met two "old hands" in Emily & Andreas Paersch, who for me have two websites for the company locations Germany and Hungary designed and built. I feel very well looked after, I am extremely satisfied with the result and I am happy to have competent partners for my marketing at my side."

Michael Hansman

Owner Hansmann Kft


"I am very satisfied"

Would you like to see references? Then click  here .

I met Emily and Andreas Paersch at a private party. Her values, the ability to listen and her pleasantly tangible authentic existence strengthened my intention to give an order for the relaunch of the website of the concordiaNATURA foundation in a follow-up conversation. The cooperation was always binding, service-oriented and very professional. In addition, I enjoyed working with two "creative people with strong implementation skills". 

As a client, a lot of the burden was relieved from me and I felt very comfortable. The new website was implemented technically and in terms of content by Emily Paersch - the central statements of the sustainably oriented foundation were wonderfully staged with precisely fitting images.

Since we will be carrying out many of the Foundation's activities and research projects in other European countries, especially Hungary, in the future, we were also interested in the possibility of having the website designed in three languages.   This part of the work was also easily implemented by Emily and Andreas Paersch.

In the final training, I was calmly shown how to maintain my website based on I am happy to recommend the work of Emily and  Andreas Paersch.

Klaus Heinzel

Founder of the concordiaNATURA Foundation

"realistic creatives"

Very friendly and competent advice. Particularly noteworthy is the extremely quick response to all questions and the processing. I am very happy with the end result.

Stefanie Gundel
Specialist lawyer for family law
Labor law attorney

"Competent consulting"

Working together with Emily and Andreas to build my website was very pleasant. Advice and execution were individual, loving and timely. And at fair prices. I am already thinking about further cooperation.

Claudia Sautter

"The cooperation was very pleasant"

Had a great video meeting with Andreas Paersch today about the Google Search Console. Didn't really get it. Andreas explained everything to me very well. Now I can deal with it and know what I could change. 
So the video consultation with him is really worth its weight in gold. I can only recommend.


Conny Woehr

"Andreas explained everything great with me"

I was brave and jumped. Where? I participated in the website review at Andreas & Emily.

What did that get me?

A new image, headliner, with text telling who I am. And you can take action right away and book a conversation right away. Well, my website is growing and I have new ideas to implement again.

Brigitte Julich

"new ideas to implement"

Would you like to see references? Then click  here .

Thank you for these two beautifully designed pages. Everything has been implemented perfectly. Quick development of my wishes and ideas. 100% hit in full. You are a great team. There was a lot of fun.

Gabriele Troeger

"You are a great team"

I learned a lot and was able to implement it in such a way that it is easier for the viewer of the website to recognize what the meaning and purpose of my homepage should be. I've learned that structure and simplicity in the right places is important to keep viewers happy on my homepage and looking around. I am very glad that the two helped me and that I used the website check.

Jennifer Tauschnik 

I warmly recommend the website homepage check to everyone.


It's been almost a week since I went to "Dreamteam Paersch" (i.e. my marketing coach Andreas Paersch and his wife Emily, journalist & web layouter) for a two-day marketing coaching session. They still lived at their old place of business in Germany. I had already touched on the topics that interested me with Andreas: positioning, offers and adapting the website. And it has become a whole lot more.


Andreas had a thoroughly prepared presentation that showed everything that was absolutely important and necessary for me. Emily then added and rounded everything off in the direction of the web layout. The two really gave everything, not only in terms of knowledge that was well conveyed to me, but also in terms of hospitality. We had a strong, active coaching period, after which nothing was the same for me as before.

However, I also realized that I would lose valuable time by implementing everything myself, so I brought Emily on board for a completely new web layout. I will also rewrite all texts. I also realized that I had little to do with the topic of marketing because it was very “left-brained” for me. I'm still working with myself to build a brain balance bridge, but I have faith that marketing can also be "right-brained." In any case, it is important to deal with it really efficiently, because otherwise you give away valuable opportunities, customer acquisition and income.

This was an efficient loving "brainwashing". I look forward to the sequels to come. Because in both I have found strong partners with whom I can continue to develop in the field of marketing.

Ullrike Wirtz

I will never see a website like I did before

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