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Marketing strategy coaching

Focus your offers on your desired customers

Customers want to be "picked up" with their problems, requirements and wishes. The better I, as a provider, have gotten a picture of it, the more precisely I can adapt and prepare an exact offer.

Are you unsure how to structure your new offer in terms of content? Then I'll be at your side as a sparring partner to put your concept on "stable feet"! Start your personal marketing concept today!

Which questions do we work on together?

  • Who are your ideal customers? Who is the direct target group – who is the indirect one?

  • What are the needs of this target group with regard to your offer?

  • What solutions can you offer? What is the USP, i.e. the unique sales advantage of your offer?

  • Which measures make your competition successful?

  • Which communication and sales channels do you use?

  • Where and how are you represented online or in social media?

  • What value-added offerings can you offer?

  • How is your lead management, i.e. the "collection" of customer contact data for repeated contact, structured ?

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How is the coaching organized?

  • Let's get to know each other first. In a phone call or a virtual desk meeting. Tell me where "the shoe pinches" and what goals you have set yourself.

  • If you entrust me with the coaching, you will receive a small timetable analogous to the above sample questions for the preparation of our then agreed coaching appointment. We will then talk intensively about these questions - you will also receive additional information to get an even better understanding of the context of your marketing plan.

  • I will summarize the results for you in writing so that we can then refine it and use it as a roadmap for a new marketing strategy. 

Act now and get started with your marketing project! I look forward to meeting you.

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Strategy Concept 
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