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Frischer Wind für Ihren Internetauftritt: Paersch Services

A breath of fresh air for your website 

We make your website fit for the competition

Set sail for your sustainable success

Websites with WIX

Do you need a website that you can maintain yourself after creation and that doesn't cost a fortune? We deliver the "turnkey" carefree package that meets modern function and design requirements and can be further updated by you after a short training session. is an ideal modular system for websites with high design requirements. A versatile selection of templates (templates) makes design lovers' hearts beat faster.

Power Pack website

Do you urgently need your own online presence that presents your valuable offer and differentiates it from your competitors? Perhaps you have already been on the market with your products and services for some time and want to update your website in terms of content and graphics?

Take eight days, recharge your batteries in a wonderful holiday region and take advantage of the summer tailwind for your new website with our special offer:

Websites with JIMDO

Do you have a small business and urgently need a website in which a shop is to be integrated immediately or in the medium term and you can update both yourself without a long training phase? Then we recommend the JIMDO Creator modular system. We will create your turnkey site for a fair price, train you in the use of the system and you will be ready to send your virtual "employee" to work in a short time.

Computer Support

Your computer isn't doing what it's supposed to do. It has become slow and you are urgently looking for a solution? Do you want to save pictures from your smartphone? Do you want to surf the Internet more safely? 

Then get in touch with our computer help: thanks to the latest technology (keyword "remote control room"), many problems can be solved quickly and easily by dividing the screen.

your video clip

Who doesn't love them - emotional pictures that move, enrapture, and empathize with us

or just make you laugh.

Use the emotional power of moving images and benefit from an unbeatable offer. Order a professional video that puts your company in the limelight, introduces your latest product or advertises your next event.

Website office hours

The "Gordian knot" is just getting in the way of your copywriting work. Working on your website feels like a decathlon.


Looking in the mirror doesn't give you any feedback on your marketing idea. And the GDPR are "bohemian villages" for you?

Now go "somewhere" to solve the problem around the topic of online marketing? Or write an email and hope it gets answered quickly?

It's much easier: secure your appointment in our website consultation hour:  and solve your questions quickly and easily.

Biography workshop

Everyone has their own story and it is so individual, so multifaceted that it is worth capturing. Tell your story. 

In our biography workshop we have put together tailor-made offers for you to support you in creating your life story - from proofreading to text revision or text creation to layout and the final book production:

Virtual sofa

Do you want to emigrate to Hungary and have lots of questions? You would like to ask them in a personal conversation. "Technology" helps us there: we are connected to a computer/laptop with Internet access, a webcam, microphone and speakers via a small piece of software.


And through this webinar or internet conference we can see and hear each other as if we were together in a happy group in the corner of your sofa with you or with us.

Product Recommendations

Strong products and services are offered on many corners today. But what is really "under the hood". We have therefore put together our "favourite tools" for you, which have really impressed us with their performance. This will hopefully make your decision easier and faster. 


The solutions presented are from companies that we support as advertising partners ("affiliate partners"). If you decide to buy one of the products , we will receive - at no extra charge for you - a small fee for our coffee fund. Thanks very much!


Online workshop Paersch

Our desks have been half an hour away from Lake Balaton since 2020. Why Hungary? Why not, we said to ourselves, because we had literally fallen in love with "the country and its people". In Somogyvár we found a house "with a heart" where we live and work. The courses of the biography workshop and the summer academy also take place there. You want to know more about us: >> Andreas Paersch and >> Emily Paersch .


And what about the Hungarian?

Yes, we want to learn the Hungarian language. And we already apologize to all Hungarians if this should take a little longer: your language really packs a punch!

Internetes ügynökségként  abban segítünk Önnek, hogy minél  több szabadideje maradjon.  Levesszük a válláról a gondokat. Profitáljon 50 éves szakmai tapasztalatunkból, széles körű ismereteinkből!
Újságírás, weblap-szerkesztés, online keresés az interneten, analízis és ellenőrzés, valamint teljeskörű marketing  >>

OnlineAgentur Paersch: wir erstellen Webseiten auf Jimdo oder Wix

Dates, news & hints

Current blog posts from the online workshop Paersch

Our little studio 

All of our creative courses take place in our small Atelier Rosenberg. The name "Rosenberg" is a tribute to Andreas' mother.


Rosenberg near Breslau in Upper Silesia was her birthplace, from which she had to flee with her family during World War II. Losing her homeland hurt her a lot throughout her life.


With our small studio we give your lifelong longing a new home.

>> dLook at the next course dates

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